Rembrandt Beauty Keisha Des Vignes

I love the consistency of the illuminators. It is thick and only a little is needed for application, this means less product used and a bottle will last longer.

I was very surprised with myself and the bronze glow. I used it as a corrector under my foundation and it worked so well.

The rotating brush is a dream! I've never experienced such a quick and even blend for foundation application! Superb products..xx



Victoria Serisa Fallows reviewed Rembrandt London — 5 star

We love These Make Up brushes and the illuminator is to die for! We bought the Rose gold brush set to retail in our salons Serisabelle in Poynton, Cheshire and in Deganwy, North Wales. We are so excited for the rest of the line to come out!

Debra Burgess reviewed Rembrandt London5 star

Have just used the rotating brush head for the first time after purchasing at Olympia. Highly recommend, don’t let the price put you off.
Fantastic result, easy to use, certainly will not be returning to a brush or sponge.

Keisha Des Vignes reviewed Rembrandt London5 star

I honestly love these brushes. My first ever owned oval brushes and I'm impressed! I love how easy it made my foundation application especially..and quick. Definitely one of my best buys in makeup brushes. #Ellarosegold xxxx


Melanie NichollsComment
Life-Changing Makeup Hacks EVERY Woman Should Know

Turn a pencil eyeliner into a gel formula with the help of a match or lighter

Get your black, green, burgundy, kohl eye pencil (which typically creates a thin, harder-to-apply line), under the flame for one second, let it cool for 15 seconds, and then watch the consistency change right before your eyes.

Cover your eyelid with white liner to make any eye-shadow shade pop.

To make a sheer or less pigmented eye shadow appear more colourful on your eyelid, take a white eyeliner pencil and run it over your entire eyelid. The opaque consistency of the liner will intensify any eye-shadow shade and make it pop instantly against your skin.

Draw your cat-eye first, and then fill in the open space for a winged liner application every single time or use a spoon to create the perfect winged liner

Holding the stem of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye, draw the straight line as the first step for your cat-eye. Then, flip the spoon so it's hugging your eyelid, and use the rounded outer edge to create a perfectly curved winged effect.

Draw a slanted hashtag at the outer corner of your eye, and then blend it for an instantly smokey effect.

To create a super-easy smokey eye, draw a hashtag symbol right before the outer corner of your eye and then blend it out with the smudger at the other end of your eye liner.

Use that same spoon to avoid mascara marks on your upper eye lid.

Hold the spoon so it's hugging your eyelid, and then apply your mascara like you normally would. As you sweep the mascara wand against your lashes and back of the spoon, watch as the residue coats the back of the utensil rather than your skin.


Hit your eyelash curler with a hair dryer to heat it up, so your lashes curl easier.

Blowing hot air on your eyelash curler will help your lashes curl easier and stay curled longer; it works the same way heat changes the pattern of your hair and holds a curl with a curling iron. To do it, hit the lash curler with your blow dryer until it heats up, wait until it cools slightly but is still warm (you want to be sure not to burn your eyelid), and then clamp down on your lashes to curl them.

Dust on translucent powder in between coating on mascara to plump up your lashes.

The translucent powder helps grip the mascara in between coats, leaving you with fuller lashes.

For long-lasting lip colour, swipe on your shade, lay a tissue over your mouth, and then dust translucent powder over it to set the colour.

This process may seem extensive, but the payoff is worth it. Not only does the translucent powder set a bold shade, making it instantly long-wearing, but the tissue acts as a shield to your lip colour, protecting it from lightening or losing it's vibrancy. (Translucent powder, even though it's supposed to be clear, still has a subtle white tint to it that can alter your lip shade.

Mix loose pigments with a salve or petroleum jelly to make your own custom lip gloss.

If you have loose eye-shadow pigments that you're obsessed with and want to wear as a lip shade, blend it with a little bit of a salve, like petroleum jelly in a spoon and swipe it onto your lips.

Perfect your Cupid's bow by drawing an "X" on your upper lip first as a guideline

To make the Cupid's bow part of your pout look perfect, the easiest and quickest way is to take a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick and create an "X" at your Cupid's bow. Then, apply your lipstick as you normally would.

Conceal dark circles and puffy eyes the right way by creating a triangle with your cover-up.

You might be a fan of dotting on your concealer in the spots you need it, but the best way is it to actually apply it in a triangular formation with the base of the triangle directly under your lash-line and the point toward the bottom of your cheek. This shape helps conceal any redness at the bottom of your eye and at the sides, and then instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted, since the brightest point is the most intense under your eye.

Make contouring look more natural by using a pencil, pen, or makeup brush handle as your guide to finding exactly where your cheekbone is.

To tell where you should be dusting on bronzer, roll a pencil, pen, or makeup brush handle right below your cheekbone (directly in the pocket underneath the actual bone) to find the right angle for your face. Once you've found the correct placement, dust some bronzer on your face using a contouring brush, and then diffuse the colour so it looks natural.